Saturday, 1st December 2012


As the title suggests I hold my hands up and admit that I have been a very, very bad blogger over the past year, I really couldn’t have been worse! The past year has been hectic to say the least but I’m back and I promise to be a better blogger.

So what have I been up to over the past twelve months, well you might know that I set up a destination wedding blog, Fly Away Bride which was a wonderful experience, but did take up any free time I had for blogging. This time last year Lindsay joined me at Fly Away Bride and we had a brilliant year with two amazing inspiration shoots, Sail Away With Me and A Mythical Tune. I am sad to say I have had to make the decision to leave Fly Away Bride, in the very capable hands of Lindsay and Amy, as Farrell & Chase has seen huge growth over  the past year.



I have been very busy designing and letterpress printing wedding stationery for brides and grooms getting married in Ireland and overseas. I’m very excited to showcase some of the stationery I have been working on over the past year very soon. I’ll also be blogging some of my stunning past bride’s weddings in the new year, something I can’t wait to do, it’s wonderful to see their vision for their big become a reality.

On a personal note, after finally moving into our new home in May, only three years since we started building, the other big event this year for us was the birth of our daughter Lily in July, on Friday 13th! My new lucky number. What can I say I’m smitten as is her daddy, she is adorable and puts a smile on my face every day. A real cutie, maybe one day she might join me at Farrell & Chase!


Sadly I lost my father only a few days after Lily was born. I’m only happy that he knew his granddaughter was born healthy and that he had become a granddad for the first time before he passed.

There’s been highs and lows, one very sad loss and a wonderful new addition to the family this year. My New Years resolution, a bit early I know, is to enjoy every minute of 2013 whatever it brings, whether its designing and working with couples to produce beautiful stationery for their wedding day, blogging lots of lovely treats for my readers or spending time with my family and the gorgeous установка кондиционер в витебской области Lily

I’m back and promise to be a better blogger in 2013, hopefully a lucky year for us all!

Merry Christmas

Pamela x

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