Tuesday, 4th January 2011


Christmas and New Year are always such a nice time of year for an engagement!  Traditionally a popular choice as everyone is in good cheer and family members are home from far and wide, perfect for celebrating, and what better gift for your loved one than a proposal!

So you’ve celebrated, announced  your engagement to your friends and family and maybe even had a party or two, so what now?

The best advice I can give is to take a breather, and enjoy some time to yourselves. Chat about what you both want from your wedding day, discuss dates, budgets and what style of wedding you would both like. Don’t rush into things and go storming ahead with plans until you have had a chance to think about what is really important to you both.

It can become stressful if you let it, everyone will have an opinion on how you should plan every little detail, take a breath and smile politely. It’s so easy to get carried away planning the wedding that is expected of you, remember it is your day and therefore should reflect your wishes and dreams.

Your engagement should be a happy time for both of you to enjoy. It is the time when you are not only planning your wedding, but planning your life together. Your wedding is just the beginning and your engagement is a time for you to explore, discover and plan the life you will soon бытовые кондиционеры в витебской области share


Above all be happy, be excited and be in love…

A big congratulations to all the newly engaged couples from Farrell & Chase!

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