Tuesday, 6th July 2010


So I took the plunge and signed myself up for a Bootcamp Ireland course. It’s a year to our wedding and I’ll be 30th this year so I have made a decision to get fit and healthy for both. I decided to start googling some options, I really didn’t want to join a gym, my criteria was to exercise outdoors, with a friendly group of people and for it to be something that would really push me but that I would enjoy.

And… I found Bootcamp Ireland, they seemed to fit my criteria perfectly, I did a search on WOL for some reviews and I have to say the feedback from other brides was what decided it for me in the end. I rang James, from Bootcamp in Meath and signed up that Monday.

I was so nervous my first night, but there was no need, I absolutely loved it, I had a big red face and was puffing and panting but I loved it! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, I joined three weeks into the eight week run and was definitely the most unfit persona there. Don’t be put off, you can take it at your own pace and the instructors are very nice but really do push you. Each session is an hour long and includes a warm up, circuit training and a warm down and stretching.

Bootcamp Ireland has been putting men and women of all fitness levels through their paces, using Military Style Fitness Techniques and REAL MILITARY Instructors since 2004! We love training outdoors and our Instructors are great at motivating you and encouraging you to reach your limits! With a little bit of ‘get down ‘n gimme 20‘ mixed with interactive, motivating circuits, all over body exercises, running and motivational games; Bootcamp Ireland is a fantastic way to get fit, stay fit and most importantly: to have fun at the same time! ”

So after 5 weeks, I have just finished my first run of sessions and have signed up for the next. I have seen a huge improvement in my fitness, have really toned up, have more energy and have lost a couple of pounds! I’ve been going three days a week, and after a two week holiday break I will be straight back to training.

So my short term goal is to look and feel great for my 30th birthday in September and or course my long term goal is to look amazing for my wedding day next summer.

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

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